Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ghar e Hira new 8" square lathe by Rahmane

Ghar e Hira

"Ghar e Hira is the new single by Duncan 'Rahmane' Bruce. There are three short tracks from 2007/2008 on side A and the title track recorded in 2002 on side B. Instruments used were alto saxophone, piano, percussion, organ, synthesizer, snake charmer, recorder and effects. Front cover features a lino cut by Duncan."


Islands of Pathos (first version)

The Children's Room

Song of the Hills


Ghar e Hira


8" square lathe record at 33rpm
nz$20 ltd to 20 copies boyaka

armpit is australia 2007, brisbane

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

float & flutter

heres the new root don lonie for cash site, gonna be updating the releases from here, heaps of things forthcoming, lathes & cdrs...
(pic:root don lonie crue whangarei circa nov08...witcyst, stefan, gfrenzy, cja)

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