Monday, August 29, 2011

404 Sun Stabbed - Untitled Tracks 7" lathe

two guys, pierre and thierry, crouched over humming strings, leads everywhere, obliviated to everything. single minded with two minds, when the lights are this low and undistracted, like a feather gliding to the ground. nz$15

Monday, August 15, 2011

403 armpit elegant solutions

youth running rampant scaring the oldies& comfortable, boot camp blues, screaming for fairness & smashing for justice. 4 songs of ansgt & sleepy hobbie anger. nz$10

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

402 ROOT402 compilation cdr

1.armpit - clayton & olive ripped wing - richard, clayton, jimi
3.castle wolfskull - dene, jimi, richard, clayton, chris
4.the strange girls - motty & clayton
5.the futurians - beth, sean, clayton, iso head nebula - justin, jimi, clayton, matthew

ha, yeah i know, i am in everyband, but everything doesnt sound the same. armpit are a years of jams. around the house, olive plays drums & harmonica & sings, i play some acoustic guitar & stuff. one ripped wing, more reflective & free, in a cold room somewhere. castle wolfskull, the end of the live buller st gig, kinda slow dreamy noise rock. the strange girls, acoustic guitar & keyboard, ballad. the futurians, hard out, live excerpts from the lines of flight gig, hi end. horse head nebula, a bit from the crown gig, quiet, holding back, a little drone never hurt no ones. nz$10

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