Saturday, July 24, 2010

358 Horsehead Nebula 'Hyyyu' cdr nz$10

i joined this band coz i saw them play & i thought they were awesome, real funny, just having fun, & reminded me a little bit of reynols, my kinda rock band. the other guys are richard scowen (electronics, busted up stuff, guitars, keyboards), jimi belaney (guitars, evil effects, loud speaker, toys), justin taulu (drums, loud voice, percussion, band leader) & myself on guitars & whatevers around. this album is bookended by 2 long drone/rock/noise/noodles & in the middle is a little short punk rock stop start pop song, itsa very nice.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

357 Wolfskull -'Mawwelled To Def' 3" cdr

deep, mystial, prayers, chants, Heavy Wolfskull, with special guest Rahmane. nz$6 + post. cover by gfrenzy.

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