Thursday, December 16, 2010

375 The Futurians - Rulz Mega City OK! cdr

‎ (blastov)
02.static (no disintigration)
03.pure green blood (spock ritual)
04.herd (galaxial)
05.spacewolf (faktory)
06.2000AD (2000AD)
07.i built a rocket & took it to space (home industry compilation)
08.electric ants (dogs in helmets)
09.construkt (projektor)
10.clockwork (automatic eyebrow)
11.zardoz (subway songs)

nz$10 a compilation of stuff.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

‎374 If You Wanna Rob A Bank, Own One. Credit Card Singles Compilation. cdr

compilation of a series of credit card cdr singles, featuring : cnoone&dbruce, crazynurse, ydintalvi, the strange girls, kraus and cja, wolfskull. cool colour cover by Seljuk. nz$10

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