Sunday, January 25, 2009

alex mackinnon/lee noyes 7" lathe record & release

Lee Noyes & Alex Mackinnon live at Records Records jan 09 (with support from Tsunami no Orikata & The Strange Girls). Release show for the ltd edition lathe 7" (root#305) brought out by root don lonie for cash, few copies left selling for nz$10+nz$5post, email rootdonlonieforcash(@) if you want one. Heres some photos of the release show.

alex mackinnon/lee noyes split lathe cut 7"

poster for the release gig (poster by alex!)

below pics by Marcus Gradwohl thanks!!!!

smokehouse (the strange girls)

alex mackinnon & lee noyes

cja (the strange girls)

alex mackinnon

lee noyes

alex & lee

motoko (tsunami no orikata)

toki (tsunami no orikata)

filmed by ISO12, editted & submitted by Alex!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

cdrs, new, poos, busy little bee

THE BLOODY GROUND - I WILL SELL MY SOUL (root4cash#301) 3" cdr

"four rock songs, tight as a gnats butt, celebrating the life & times of that old fraud a.crowley esq. did i say ROCK! guitar, singing, drums & guest saxaphone"

WOLFSKULL - DANCE OF THOTH (root4cash#302) cdr

"live & clean, new age party people 24 hours of loving, clearing away the metal cobwebs, guitar, vocals, synth, bass & saxaphone"

ARMPIT - ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST (root4cash#303) cdr

"jams & songs, guitars, synth, vocals & drums, more rock than typical, but free shitz too, what the world needs now, is armpit, more armpit"

ARMPIT - HOLY HELL (root4cash#304) 3" cdr

"acoustic guitar, lazy hums, watching xfiles movie which was complete rubbish, hear with your ears"

so yeah, thats the latest bunch of stuff, covers are from rubber stamps, back covers are new & standardised with the rat logo & typewritten doodles...3" are nz$5 & normal cdrs are nz$10...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

robocop dream sequence

new plans for the scifi year 2009!!! root don lonie for cash is going to start numbering its releases, i figure that the rahmane disk shall be release number 300 as its a good round number, hopefully this will keep things organised & tidy. new releases coming up are the new armpit 3" "holy hell" & cdr album "zombie holocaust", the alex mackinnon/lee noyes 7" lathe, cja double cdr "heavy metal petal", the double 7" gatefold sleeve lathe compilation "menhir"...will post with images & all that soon.

other label stuff, theres a sweet little rumour that someone may want to release the armpit live cdr "dont worry frank theres a baby on the way" on vinyl record, fingers crossed, & hopefully the new futurians album "galaxial (thats right, galaxial)" will come out on vinyl lp, & sometime in the year the sundowner lp should be coming out (sundowner is myself, smokehouse, stef nev), & the jewelled antler boxset out on porter records looks pretty sweet & im pleased to be on it & i have some artwork inside it!!! choice as.

laterzzzz, will have new root cdrs up soon, just trying to work out a 'standard' root don lonie for 2009 releases, yes i like to burble on. xcja

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