Saturday, January 3, 2009

robocop dream sequence

new plans for the scifi year 2009!!! root don lonie for cash is going to start numbering its releases, i figure that the rahmane disk shall be release number 300 as its a good round number, hopefully this will keep things organised & tidy. new releases coming up are the new armpit 3" "holy hell" & cdr album "zombie holocaust", the alex mackinnon/lee noyes 7" lathe, cja double cdr "heavy metal petal", the double 7" gatefold sleeve lathe compilation "menhir"...will post with images & all that soon.

other label stuff, theres a sweet little rumour that someone may want to release the armpit live cdr "dont worry frank theres a baby on the way" on vinyl record, fingers crossed, & hopefully the new futurians album "galaxial (thats right, galaxial)" will come out on vinyl lp, & sometime in the year the sundowner lp should be coming out (sundowner is myself, smokehouse, stef nev), & the jewelled antler boxset out on porter records looks pretty sweet & im pleased to be on it & i have some artwork inside it!!! choice as.

laterzzzz, will have new root cdrs up soon, just trying to work out a 'standard' root don lonie for 2009 releases, yes i like to burble on. xcja

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