Sunday, January 4, 2009

cdrs, new, poos, busy little bee

THE BLOODY GROUND - I WILL SELL MY SOUL (root4cash#301) 3" cdr

"four rock songs, tight as a gnats butt, celebrating the life & times of that old fraud a.crowley esq. did i say ROCK! guitar, singing, drums & guest saxaphone"

WOLFSKULL - DANCE OF THOTH (root4cash#302) cdr

"live & clean, new age party people 24 hours of loving, clearing away the metal cobwebs, guitar, vocals, synth, bass & saxaphone"

ARMPIT - ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST (root4cash#303) cdr

"jams & songs, guitars, synth, vocals & drums, more rock than typical, but free shitz too, what the world needs now, is armpit, more armpit"

ARMPIT - HOLY HELL (root4cash#304) 3" cdr

"acoustic guitar, lazy hums, watching xfiles movie which was complete rubbish, hear with your ears"

so yeah, thats the latest bunch of stuff, covers are from rubber stamps, back covers are new & standardised with the rat logo & typewritten doodles...3" are nz$5 & normal cdrs are nz$10...

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