Sunday, June 12, 2011

396 l$d fundraiser - blue cheer cdr

heavy, rattly, sounds like things being dragged to the cellar, muffled screams & echo on the acoustic guitar strings. engulfing, pulsing, like being smothered in dark matter. dene barnes solo, covers by him also. nz$10/us$6

Friday, June 10, 2011

395 Stay In School & Save The Whales & Keep Off Drugs compilation cdr

horsehead nebula (stop start, crowd participation, exciting), armpit (low deep vibe, sleepy dwarf), rainbow beast (18 minute loner drone, light the candles, listen) , smokehouse (emotional epectric keyboard instrumental lament), darth trader (short arse drifty stoner rock, guitar & drums & echo on the vocals). cover by seljuk. nz$10/us$6

Saturday, June 4, 2011

a note to customers

please note, all 3" cdrs are no longer available, going to be re-releasing them as split-tapes soon.

also, trying to figure out prices for american customers as the nz$ is at a crazy high and nearly caught up with the american dollar! so at the moment cdrs are nz$10 and us$6 ok? basically same for the lathes, but when you email me about it ill let you know what that costs ok? sorry to be vague but its hard to keep up with these currency flucts and also to be fair.

coming up is a kraus lathe, sun stabbed lathe, maltese falcons lathe, but the next releas is the longtime coming METAL COMPILATION cassette! just gotta make them, these things take time ya know! thanks for your interest, clayton (root bosss).

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