Tuesday, August 2, 2011

402 ROOT402 compilation cdr

1.armpit - clayton & olive
2.one ripped wing - richard, clayton, jimi
3.castle wolfskull - dene, jimi, richard, clayton, chris
4.the strange girls - motty & clayton
5.the futurians - beth, sean, clayton, iso
6.horse head nebula - justin, jimi, clayton, matthew

ha, yeah i know, i am in everyband, but everything doesnt sound the same. armpit are a years of jams. around the house, olive plays drums & harmonica & sings, i play some acoustic guitar & stuff. one ripped wing, more reflective & free, in a cold room somewhere. castle wolfskull, the end of the live buller st gig, kinda slow dreamy noise rock. the strange girls, acoustic guitar & keyboard, ballad. the futurians, hard out, live excerpts from the lines of flight gig, hi end. horse head nebula, a bit from the crown gig, quiet, holding back, a little drone never hurt no ones. nz$10

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