Saturday, March 13, 2010

336 THE NAKED SAILORS - 'JAX GUITAR' 3xcdr nz$16

in the mid 90s to 2001ish, Amrpit was spewing out so much music so it was a time to start a side-project, initially called 'We Are The Bitchmen' we remembered an old make-band we had created years before, & so gave rebirth to The Naked Sailors. the (sweet) stuff is all here, way looser & more free than Armpit, first disk A Naked Man was the first tape, 95, going through a windy house & recording in most of the rooms. second disk is Sweet Stuff, which comes from a few tapes in the 95-98 or so days, more spaced out & varied, & the last disk Her Armpits Acid was a bunch of tapes of The Naked Sailors covering Armpit songs, the mothership welcomes back its lost fighters. big set of pics, opens out to large a3 poster.

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